Natural Art

I love using natural wood in my art. While I sometimes will paint or use small amounts of other materials, my heart is happy when I can amplify beautiful wood grain and colors within my creations.

Collaboration with Neha Creations

Neha Creations Woman Wink 8" by 10"


  • Mandalas

    Drawing mandalas is a form of meditation for me, and the images bring balance to an often hectic life. I cut a second layer for a circular frame effect on my mandala wall art to add depth and color.

  • Cutting Boards

    I etch my cutting boards on the back of the board, so that you can enjoy the beautiful image long term and for better sanitation. You can choose from my images, including 3D illusion images, or contact me for custom work. Custom cutting boards often include a favorite family recipe or monograms, names and dates.

  • Photo Engraving

    Preserve special or commemorative photographs by custom engraving them on wood. This is a picture of my parents I did for myself and for a birthday gift for them. Email me with your photo, high quality photos usually turn out best. My custom photograph engraving prices are:

    3 1/2" round ornament $20

    3x5" $40

    5x7" $50

    7x9" $75

    8x10" $90

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